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Limited Orthodontic Treatment & Minor Tooth Movement

 Southbury, Waterbury & Surrounding Areas

Some maloclussions are more simple to treat than others and do not require comprehensive orthodontic treatment. Patients in Southbury, Waterbury, and the surrounding areas who require less than 9 months of braces or Invisalign® treatment have options for shorter, less complex orthodontic treatment. 

Common canditates for minor tooth movement treatment are adults who have stopped wearing their retainers or those who have that "one tooth" that bothers them when they smile. For these patients, if your orthodontist confirms your bite is healthy and that all that is needed is a minor cosmetic fix, a reduced treatment cost is available.

Can I have braces or Invisalign on just the top or the bottom?

Sometimes yes! Dr. Friedman and Dr. Aronson will evaluate your bite, skeletal structure, smile, crowding, and treatment goals and can determine if a single arch of treatment is a possibility. Your top and bottom teeth need to coordinate and it is important for your teeth to both look good and function well.

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